Cottage Country on the Sunrise Trail

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Do you want to relax by the ocean and enjoy lovely sunsets?

You don’t have to go far to celebrate the warmth and hospitality of ocean front communities along the Sunrise Trail. We are well known for our warm ocean waters, sandy beaches, relaxed lifestyle and community activities and festivals throughout the summer months.

The north shore of Nova Scotia is a mecca for tourists from across Canada and in fact many travel from the US and abroad to visit our sunny shorelines. Try out the Pictou Lobster Carnival in July. Or, how about the River John Festival Days the end of July, see a schedule of events at There are many community programs just waiting for your enjoyment. If you visit once you will surely return again.

From chip wagons, to fine dining we have it here. Fresh seafood caught that day. Lamb burgers at Lismore Sheep Farm during our River John Festival week. Wine from Jost Wineries in Malagash. Local arts and crafts at the Saturday Market at the Creamery in Tatamagouche. Flea markets and yard sales.

There is always something to do, or, you can relax by the ocean, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, and just do nothing!
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