Marty Veenhuis

Marty Veenhuis has been a resident of Pictou County for all of his 52 years.

He grew up in the small farming community of Union Centre. He began his education there in the local one room school and completed it at West Pictou District High.

It was a natural progression to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by operating the family dairy farm for almost 20 years, up until 2004 when the marketing system made it difficult to continue.

Since then he has been self-employed and owned and operated a logging truck for 5 years, then continued on to jointly with his wife, operate a local franchise restaurant.

Still not satisfied with his career lifestyle, Marty entered the Real Estate field in 2012 and has found his niche in commercial as well as housing areas of the market. The knowledge of land that was passed down to him by his father, grandfather and neighbors is a real asset in his searching of property lines in rural areas.

Marty has served in a variety of farm related organizations, such as 4-H, Federation of Agriculture, Milk Marketing Board and the Soil and Crop Organization of NS.

Marty’s involvement in church life as elder has impressed upon him the need to be dependable and ready to serve others. He will be listening to what your needs are and will do his best to meet them.

If you are looking to sell or buy property, Marty is a trusted choice. As a business owner he understands the needs of professionals in their search for the right answers for property investment or sale thereof. Come and meet him.

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Province: N.S.
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